Sunday, March 21, 2010

Miami Dolphins Could Have Best Running Game in 2010

There have been recent reports claiming that Miami Dolphins' running back Ricky Williams will play beyond 2010 which could set up for the Dolphins to have the most explosive running game in the NFL next season.

The Dolphins already boast one of the better rushing attacks in the league with Ronnie Brown taking the blunt of the carries, but Williams is no guy to sleep on.

In 2009, Ronnie Brown missed the final seven games of the season due to injury, forcing Ricky Williams to become the starter again, and he didn't disappoint. Williams was able to carry the ball for 563 yards over those final games giving him his first (1,121 yards) 1,000 yard season in six years.

Williams and the Dolphins now know what he is capable of, and without a contract in place for 2011, Williams is under pressure to show that he is worth keeping around beyond next season.

After missing four years total between retirement and suspension, Williams doesn't have the wear that your regular 33 year old running back has.

Brown will be making a full recovery and be ready for the 2010 season. When you add that to the fact that Williams is playing for a new contract and the fact that he is already playing at a high level, it could spell out bad news for opposing defenses in 2010.

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