Monday, March 22, 2010

Could Pacman Jones Help the Detroit Lions?

Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwarz is leaving open the possibility of bringing in former Tennessee Titan cornerback, Pacman Jones.

Jones, who has been out of football last season after he had tried to sign a contract with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, but made the mistake of calling the CFL the United Football League in an interview and was no longer pursued by the team.

Pacman held a workout for four NFL clubs on March 19, 2010 in New Orleans, one of them was the Lions.

Schwarz told reporters that they are still in the "information gathering stage" of the process. Meaning, they're sitting around mulling over whether or not another year out of football provided Jones with the necessary time to get his head back on straight.

The Lions boasted a pass defense that ranked dead last in 2009, and with early improvements to the defensive line through free agency in 2010, the secondary is next up, and Jones could improve that.

Jones is no superstar anymore, but anything is better than what the Lions currently have under contract right now. Schwartz also holds an inside track on Jones with their time together in Tennessee, where he saw everything, good and bad.

Through his ups and downs in the NFL (there were more downs), Jones showed the flashes of a good young cornerback with the potential to be great, but numerous off-field issues destroyed this young man's career. He may not become the player he was capable of, but if he can finally get his priorities straightened up, he can still get something good out of the experience in the NFL.

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