Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is T.O.'s Asking Price Too Steep?

Reports have it that the player rep for Terrell Owens is asking for a minimum of $5 million for his services this season. Good luck, but would it be un-wise to spend that on Owens?

Owens received a $6.5 million contract from the Buffalo Bills in 2009, but he hardly performed up to that type of money. In his defense, the quarterbacking situation in Buffalo was (and still is) in shambles.

T.O. may not have been a force on the field that he was throughout his career in Buffalo, but it was more important where he wasn't a force, off the field. Even though he was often baited into being the loud-mouth locker-room killer he has been labeled as in the past, Owens seemed to be a changed man.

He certainly won't bring the all-pro numbers he had in his prime years in the NFL, Owens is still a future Hall-of-Famer, and his presence alone will be enough to make a difference in a defenses gameplan.

If Owens is able to sign on with a potential contender, a number one receiver should already be on the roster, which would lessen the load for a player like Owens, who can still get it done in the NFL.

If T.O. was able to keep his calm with the disaster that is Buffalo, playing for a winner should keep him quiet and content for another year. Not to mention that, in an un-capped year, a one year contract worth Owens' asking price of $5 million would not hurt a team.

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