Friday, March 19, 2010

DeSean Jackson Soon Getting a New Deal?

Recently there have been some twitter feeds claiming that DeSean Jackson has traveled to Philadelphia, and that he has left with a new contract in hand so to speak. These reports are not true, but how long until they are?

There's no doubt that the Philadelphia Eagles are masters of locking up their young stars rather cheap before they become stars. It's what makes them one of the best front offices in the game, but Jackson has already established himself as a star.

As I eluded to before, the Eagles lock up their young players early before they blossom, but now that Jackson has blossomed, the Eagles may try to drag their feet on this deal, but that may be a mistake.

Jackson is a game changer, and you saw that by his explosive plays of 50 or more yards in 2009. He is a threat from all over the field, and he will only get better as a wide receiver as he continues to work with the best wide receiver to ever play the game in Jerry Rice.

With the financial (and dead-weight in terms of Curtis) cuts of Kevin Curtis and Darren Howard most recently, it could mean the Eagles are gearing up for that new contract.

DeSean is under contract for two more seasons, and the Eagles are adamant about not handing out extensions, so it would be no surprise if nothing gets done. Jackson has never spoken out about his contract, and I don't expect him to. The Eagles will take care of him, and I'm sure they have let him know that.

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