Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Is a Long-Term Contract Soon Coming For Darren Sproles?

The San Diego Chargers began off-season workouts on Monday, and were expected to be down two running backs. LaDainian Tomlinson has found a new home in New York, and Darren Sproles has yet to sign his tender.

However, Sproles is participating in the Chargers off-season workout program, and has signed an injury waiver form to protect himself, because if he were to be injured, the Chargers could easily revoke the tender they have offered to the running back.

With Sproles showing up for the off-season workouts, it could mean that the two sides are currently working on a long-term contract.

The two sides could be caught in a numbers game, with Sproles wanting more than the Chargers want to shell out, which is usually how it goes. If that's the case, you cannot blame San Diego for being hesitant.

Sproles, while as explosive as he has been for the club, experienced that success only in the shadow of future Hall-of Famer, LaDainian Tomlinson, but he is gone now, and the Chargers may be reluctant to hand out a big, long-term deal to a 180 lbs running back who has never carried the ball more than 93 times in a season.

If a deal is done, and the Chargers look to move on long-term with Sproles, it should spell out their draft plans. In a running back heavy draft, they could find a quality talent at the tail-end of the first round (28th overall), or in a later round.

Bottom line is that Sproles won't be able to handle the full-time load and the Chargers will need to find a back more equipped for the type of pounding the NFL takes on the position. Sproles is a fantastic second fiddle player, and that's how the two sides need to enter these negotiations.

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